Weekend Recap

Happy Halloween! I am a lover of all holidays but now that we have kids they are just that much better 🙂


It was a quiet day, we had doctor appointment in the morning which went fine, then we ran a couple errands, got coffee and headed home for naps. It fell apart then when neither girl wanted to nap so instead we watched a Halloween movie  – and took no photos!

Once Chad was home we had an early supper and my Mom, Avery and I headed to the craft sale. We took Avery as a treat and she did awesome! She coned us into a Sky necklace and a toy for Chloe – besides that we did not buy much!


Chloe had her first ever swim lesson and I am ashamed to say it was also her first time in the pool! I am just not brave enough to go alone with both girls yet. She did so good, and was the youngest by far in the class since it goes up to 24 months. The instructor was impressed she had never been in a pool before. Avery on the other hand was not happy she was not swimming too but we explained she has other classes right now so this is for Chloe.

After we went to Costco and got groceries, I treated Avery to ice cream since she was still not too happy about not swimming too.

After lunch and a nap for Chloe at home we left to Calgary for the evening to the Halloween event at Heritage Park. We had been years ago before kids and wanted to take Avery back.

Avery picked out her princess costume and requested her hair and makeup done.

Praticing the pricess attitude 😉


20161029_144121 20161029_144132

She was SO proud!

We met my brother and his girlfriend there, had supper then headed to the event.

Chloe loved the paper on the table at supper:


It was a nice evening but still cold after being out for a couple hours. Avery was very brave and even went through a haunted house with us – after she broke into a weird giddy laugh – maybe from shock? or relief?

20161029_183406 20161029_202801 20161029_202201 20161029_202226 20161029_201248 20161029_185808

Around 8:30pm we called it a night and headed home – Avery did come into our room just after going to bed to say she heard a ghost but we reminded her they are pretend and just silly, not scary.


I had hoped Chloe would sleep in but she was up at 6:30am!

My run was 8km on the treadmill:

20161030_081335We ended up going out in the late morning and Avery found this at Winners and had to use birthday money for it. At first I was not for it but we never give her any of the gift money she gets and she is obsessed with Doc McStuffins and being a play doctor,


And we treated ourselves to a joint (and very early) Christmas gift:


It will help with training for our next half, as well Chad and I shared a running watch before. I knew I wanted a rectangle looking one with a wrist heart rate monitor. GPS and that synced to my phone and after looking at options and reviews the Samsung one won!

Later I ran out to pick up a huge surprise for Avery. My dayhome lady messaged me that her daughter would sell us all the Barbie stuff for $50. A remote control Corvette, a bug, Jeep, camper, and a ton of dolls and accessories. Avery asked Santa for a pink Barbie car and a Barbie so I will be giving her some of this for Christmas – do not judge 😉

Chloe is so smiley these days!


It was such a nice day I skipped washing floors and we went for a walk so I could take Avery’s 3 year photos and Chloe’s 7 month ones. Since it was last minute their outfits were not perfect but hey that is life these days so it is perfect 😉


Some teasters:

img_9861 img_9854

The rest of the day was spent getting ready for Halloween, doing laundry, editing photos and blogging.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


12 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Alison

    Sounds like a super fun and busy weekend. She is the cutest princess. I love her pony tail! I will have to remember that Halloween event, we did nothing this year! ha

  2. thebexfactor

    Sounds like a great weekend. Man I wish I was as good as you guys at teaching Liam about money and saving to buy things he wants.

  3. Brie/A Slice of Brie

    We didn't do anything fun for Halloween this year (other than trick or treating), but I wish we had! I didn't even know Heritage Park did something like that until I saw another friend post something about it on Snapchat! Although, I think sully wouldn't have liked it since he finds most of the Halloween decorations scary lol. Next year! And don't be silly – saving that Barbie stuff for Christmas gifts is brilliant! I would save all of it till then if I were you haha 😉

  4. Nicole

    Heritage Park looked like a blast! I never even thought about going there for Halloween festivities! Next year!

    At least you have Chloe in swimming lessons- I could never take both by myself so Leo didn't do swimming lessons until he was a year. He loves the water but we rarely take them swimming. I'm so lazy when it comes to the pool! So much effort for a half hour class… There will be lots of years for activities I figure.

    The Doc McStuffins centre is so cute!! Audrey has a Dr kit and is obsessed with it too! I love that she used her own birthday money.

    Avery is going to lose her mind at Christmas with all the barbie stuff!! Great idea to buy it off someone you know!

    1. arunningtale

      Yes, they have a ton of things there, and it is only $10 a person so not bad.
      I know what you mean, I was in the pool a ton with A and never go now since it is too much alone. This class was just so get her in the pool before I am back to work. And she seems to like it and it gets her one on one time with me 🙂
      It was $80, so Chad would have killed me if she did not use her money lol. Our parents and grandparents are now giving her RESP money (which is what we request) and then her own money since they know if they do not say that it gets put away lol.
      She is! I just need to sort through it all – I have a couple hours of work to do with it all!

  5. Brie @ Slice of Brie

    I tried commenting from my new phone the other day and could not get logged in properly and can't remember if I posted a comment for not now lol. What a fun weekend! I had no idea Heritage Park did something like this for Halloween! I'm not sure Sully would have been a fan, lol, but I will have to keep it in mind for next year!

  6. Ashley

    looks like a fun weekend!!! Why is taking pics of 2 kids soo challanging??? Lol! I need to inquire about swimming lessons for the kids. I really just want Noah to go in the spring, so he's warmed up to the water come summer, but I need to look into how they lay them out!!
    The kids loOk Soo cute for Halloween!!! What a great gift idea for A! I'm frugal, so no judgements here, toys are toys!!! I'm glad she likes Barbies, my niece prefers the monster high dolls and I'm not a fan!


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