Weekend Recap

It was such a beautiful weekend! I will take this sunny, mild November for the snow in October since this only makes winter seems shorter to me.


A morning Starbucks date to have a holiday beverage and treat then an afternoon run in the sun followed by a park trip.





Chad and I had a date night that night to a small, local event that was a revue of music from the 60s and 70s. The show was so good, and all the singers were amazing. I hope they do more!



Chloe had swimming and loved it again, Avery did not cry this time when they were watching us so it was a good morning!

Oh and check out this sun rise!


During naps I decorated the mantel for Avery’s birthday week – a new tradition I decided to start 😉 And Chad put up Christmas lights. After naps we went for a walk to the park.



Funny story, a little boy was at the park with his pretty spiffy power wheels SUV – it even had subs! Anyways, he totally “picked up” Avery with it and wowed her. Before he left in it he shouted “see you later Avery” and then she cried that he left…kids.

I had a girls supper and night out so made Chad and the girls supper and went out for the evening. We had supper and then went to the local escape rooms which was so much fun! We went in the padded room one and it turned out to be one of the harder ones with only 15% of people escaping. I cannot wait to go back!



Avery was never affected by daylight savings time but we did not get that lucky with Chloe and she was up before 6am – YAWN. That meant I had a productive morning and then we headed out for a 9km run and were home at 10am.


Chad wanted waffles and since I am slacking on brunch these days I could not say no!


During naps I ran out to do some kid free errands. My Mom, brother and his girlfriend visited in the afternoon. And I made banana muffins. By 6pm I felt like a zombie so after blogging I called it a night!



Now I am hoping to keep away Chloe’s cold for a busy birthday week for a certain almost 3 year old!


8 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. thebexfactor

    I like the mantle!
    I went to an escape room too on Saturday and did not get out. I love doing those.
    Your waffles look SO good.

  2. Alison

    The mantle look so cute! I decorate the house a week early too. 🙂 It's over too fast otherwise. Sounds like a fun weekend for sure. Chloe is so cute in the swing!! Where did that baby go?


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