Weekend Recap

Less than ONE week until Christmas!! Our weekend:


We met my Mom at Starbucks for a quick visit, made banana muffins and stayed close to home since it was freezing out!

Avery being a good instead of napping and Chloe is obsessed with stairs now…sigh..

img_0258 img_0272

Later that night Avery and I went to see the Nutcracker – I had never been before and it was the perfect “date” for us:

img_20161216_200413 screenshot_20161216-200116


We took Avery to ballet, got groceries, watched Grumpy Cat’s Christmas then later on we grabbed the last of the presents we had to.


Chad’s Dad came over for supper then we picked up my Mom and went on our Christmas lights drive:



The weather warmed up a ton overnight but Avery did not want to go on a run with us so my Mom came over for a bit and we escaped for a 14km run! We are focusing our runs on slower speeds with no walk breaks – it is much harder than I thought! We constantly had to pull back during the run.

screenshot_20161218-142046 img_20161218_122634

After brunch, cleaning/chores we decided to get out for a walk since it was the nicest day in weeks:

img_0312 img_0324 img_0303 img_0329

We ended our weekend relaxing since next weekend will be a busy one!


13 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. nutcaseinpoint

    I keep saying we need to drive around to check out Xmas lights! I am too afraid of running during the winter because I'd either have a continuously terrible runny nose or I'd slip on snow and ice

  2. Kelly

    So fun that you and Avery went to the Nutcracker! I love the ballet, Maybe will try next year with Swede.
    We did a Polar Express train this weekend – It was so fun!
    One perk of my new house is no stairs! Once they start crawling, Oh boy…

  3. thebexfactor

    I need to find someone to drive me and Liam around to look at lights! I always want to do your light tour!

    Love the pic of Avery in her ballet outfit.

  4. Heather Leier-Murray

    That picture of you and Avery in front of the tree made me smile. You have such a beautiful connection with her and it is beaming through in that picture. Made my heart smile. Love you guys! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  5. Alison

    Sounds like an awesome weekend! So much fun stuff. We still need to drive around and look at lights for sure. Glad you and A got out on a date! You guys looked beautiful. Well done on the run!

    1. arunningtale

      I slacked on dates with her for a few months and I think she needed it, we have pedicures in the new year too 🙂
      Thanks, the run was so much easier without the stroller!

  6. Nicole

    You two look so pretty in front of the tree.

    I'm dying laughing at Avery sitting on the table. My kids are NOT into Christmas movies! They just want to watch their regular shows! Grinches!

    We keep meaning to go for a lights drive! Probably after Christmas now.

  7. Brie @ Slice of Brie

    Aww you two look so beautiful in your photos from your date night. Love that pic of the two of them in the sled!


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