Weekend Recap


Mid afternoon I emailed Chad to see if we could go for supper ad he agreed so after work we went to Famoso, Avery was beyond excited to eat out:

We watched a movie once the girls were in bed but I fell asleep almost instantly!


I took Avery to dance in the morning while Chad went over to our community hockey tournament. Avery is liking dance a lot more these days, she only has one week left so we will take a break after. While I like her in programs etc I also think kids need breaks from them.

We got home, bundled up and headed to the tournament. My Grandma came by for a bit and Avery was grumpy for some reason. Around lunch we headed home to eat then I went back to help and clean up.

How does she look 12 here?!

Later we made Valentine’s for Avery’s dayhome friends:

And the puzzle obsession continues, I bought some second hand ones for her:

Chloe’s hair always look so red in photos, but in person it is not at all, so odd!

We had a family movie night, Storks that night:


It looked like a perfect morning for a run so we headed out around 9am for 15km. It was pretty nice but could have been sunnier if I want to be picky 😉

We spent the day making Valentine’s day cookies, muffins and visiting with my one brother.

And attempting photos, Chloe was not having it – sitting still is horrible – so we made do:

And now we are ready to tackle another week!


10 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Brie @ Slice of Brie

    Aw love that last photo! Sully's hair used to look red in photos too, and lots of people tell me they think Emmy's hair looks red in photos. Although who knows…she could end up having reddish hair! Sounds like you guys had a nice weekend!

  2. Nicole

    The hockey tournament sounds like fun!

    We rarely eat out at Famoso but I really like it! J isn't supposed to eat bread or dairy so pizza isn't usually his first pick 🙁

    Love the Valentines photos! I had to bribe my kids with TV to take pictures of them 😉

    1. arunningtale

      Yeah Avery does not like cheese and C cannot have cheese so not sure how much longer we will frequent there with kids lol.
      Too funny – I think I used chocolate ships as a bribe 😉


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