Weekend Recap

I looked back on photos from a year ago and we were out at the park, no snow in spring coats. HA. This weekend was so cold and we got so much snow you’d think it was January!


Family movie night since Sing was finally available to watch!


I had no desire to go anywhere fast so we had a quiet morning then headed out for groceries and errands.

Our afternoon was filled with many activities lasting a few minutes each 😉

We had a quiet evening of doing the most exciting thing ever…taxes!


We planned to take Avery to yoga but she has a cough so we told her next weekend instead.

I got in a 7km run while watching This Is Us. I have barely ran the last two weeks and am enjoying the break to be honest.

The girls and I spent the morning doing meal prep and baking for the week.

Chloe is getting too fast with her walker!

Avery all dresses up for the party later:

We had my Grandma’s birthday party with family that lasted until 8pm so that was a wrap to our weekend! I totally slacked on photos except these two:

Oh and I cannot forget the cupcakes, as usual from Cuppitycakes. My Grandma loves picnics!


10 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. thebexfactor

    Yeah my Timehop app is depressing me. I think this is the worst weather we've had at this time for a very long time. I'm so over it.

    Cute cupcakes!!

  2. Brie @ Slice of Brie

    Oh man, I was just telling Jim how nice it was this time last year (thank you Time Hop!!) and how I can't believe the difference. I am so, so over this winter. I'm tired of the bundling up to leave the house and the mess from winter boots (especially in the vehicle!). Those cupcakes are amazing!! So cute!

  3. Alison

    That photo of Avery on the couch is so beautiful! Those cupcakes are SO cute!! I am so ready for spring but its going to be a mess getting there, so much slush and mud!!

  4. Leigh

    Brian did our taxes this weekend too- at least I'm getting money back this year unlike last year!! Avery is looking so grown up 🙂

  5. Ashley

    Avery looks sooo cute in the dress!! Is sing on Netflix? Is that where you watch it? I was finally able to get Finding Dory watched with Noah! Loved it!!


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