Weekend Recap: Halloween & Poppy Barley Pop Up Shop

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it is back to work I go today! I will be checking in in a few days but in the mean time lets talk about our weekend and Avery’s first Halloween!


Halloween! I have always loved Halloween (not as much as Christmas though) and now having Avery makes it 100x better. She was the most adorable little lady bug I have ever seen:



We dressed up a few times that day, in the morning we went to Cafe O Play (an indoor play area and coffee place) and Chad’s work, then for photos in the afternoon and finally for a bit of trick or treating after supper. She was a trooper all day! It was our first time going to Cafe O Play and Avery LOVED it, she could have cared less about me there and just followed around all the “big” kids.


Myself and Becky headed downtown to the Poppy Barley Pop Up Shop while Chad watched Avery and Liam (they had TONS of fun!). I knew a little about Poppy Barley and had looked at their website over a year ago after first seeing them on TV. Let me tell you seeing their shoes and boots online does not do them justice. The quality of this footwear is amazing and there are little details on every single shoe/boot that makes them unique.


They company was started in 2012 by two sisters, Kendall and Justine after realizing there was a great need for custom made boots for women. I am not sure I know a single lady that would not agree with this! I can never find boots that fit my calves since they are pretty skinny, and huge gaps do not look great.

Fast forward a couple years and they now carry adorable flats and ankle boots as well, and soon men’s shoes!

Their story is a must read and you can check it all out here. After reading their story I was really inspired. To own my own business is a dream of mine and I always think it is too far fetched but stories like this tell me they are not.

Back to the Pop Up Shop…I had a great time chatting with both Kendall and Justine and turns out they are both runners too! Kendall has ran some of my dream races – VERY jealous Winking smile 

They were extremely generous and fitted us for a pair of flats! I loved these gold ones:


After checking out all my options I decided to go with something fun and different, the contemporary ballet in rose pink and black. I think these will add some color to my normally boring grey and black wardrobe. I cannot wait to get them now!

And in case anyone is wondering I am saving my pennies for these boots. I also finally found a black lace dress and work coat at Muse Smile 

The rest of the day was spent running errands, and visiting with family and friends.


Avery did pretty good with the time change and woke up at 6:30am (thank goodness she sleeps in on weekends a bit!). We took out time hanging out before I went to workout. I have been aiming to still run 3x a week but my endurance is just off right now. 6km feels tough, or it is just my motivation!

I did not take a photo of brunch but it was egg sandwiches, and hashbrowns. Avery loves the treat of eating brunch in the livingroom since we usually watch a show while eating.

In the afternoon we headed to Hometown Hockey to check it out. I only learned of it a few days ago on Twitter so happy we did not miss it! It was a beautiful day and perfect to get outside for it. Avery wore her hockey jersey from Grandma’:


They had tons going on, especially for kids, live entertainment, NHL alumni speaking, lots of swag and more.



A great way to get out for a bit!

I spent the remainder of the afternoon and evening playing with Avery and getting ready for work today. I still cannot believe it has been over a year since I worked! Wish us luck!


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