Weekend Snapshots

The last weekend of July?! Ahh. August for us is this year is a whole new thing since at the end of the month Avery starts Kindergarten!

This weekend was HOT. But I am not complaininhere!

I took Friday off to have a beach day with the girls. Weekday mornings at the beach are the best!

Both girls are beach obsessed – like me 🙂

We spent a lot of time in the backyard pool, with water balloons and just playing to beat the heat.

We celebrated my Mom’s birthday. Don’t mind Chloe’s dress, my Grandma gave it to her so we use it for dress up 😉

Sunday run! Which I forgot was supposed to be 14km, I was not thinking it was time to be back into half training already!

Sunday we went to a local street performers festival since Chad was there volunteering. The girls enjoyed watching roving entertainment, playing and the treats more than the performances.

We had such a busy and fun July, but I still cannot believe it is over!


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