Weekend Snapshots

We are heading into the first week of summer – already! Our weekend snapshots:

Friday morning shenanigans:

We ran a 10km race Sat- akaurday morning. My co-workers all ran it too, which made is extra fun! Chad and I came in about 10 seconds apart – bigger beat me! – at just under and just over 48 minutes – which was my goal time 🙂 I placed first in my category and second female 🙂

Package pick up/beer and pop time:

Heading to the race, my Mom watched the girls while we ran – someone was less than cooperative though…

I forgot a photo of Chad and I but I will share our work team:

Later that day we had my brother and his fiancee for supper then went to a football game:

Sunday morning I did a solo 14km. I had planned to do 19km but my legs were tired so 14km felt good 😉

We had a low-key Father’s Day, a walk and park trip, backyard time with the sprinkler and a post supper ice cream date – aka bribery to eat salmon at supper 😉

First attempt at our Father’s Day photo:

The after the park – much better!

We moved the sprinkler and the girls were waiting for it to turn on…

And then…

This week I am taking a day off to have a day with the girls, and have a 5km solstice run.


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