Weekend Snapshots

Happy Monday! We had one rainy day this weekend and one hot one, I “ran” a race, and we enjoyed the sun yesterday.

I “ran” the 5km Foam Fest run Saturday morning with friends. It was my first time doing this race and I really loved it! I was taking some photos and videos for their Instagram account so skipped some obstacles to do so which meant I was a tad less muddy and wet 😉 It rained during the race but seeing as we were already wet and muddy that did not matter!




The girls with my medals after:

Chad had a baseball tournament all weekend so after supper we went to watch one game:

Sunday morning I ran 11km solo then grabbed the girls for another 6km so Chad could get to ball. What a workout! HA. I refueled by showering and walking to Starbucks 😉

Later we went out to Chad’s Dad’s property at the river where they camp but they have a lot set up there including a new playhouse that they great-grandparents built! The girls were in love!

This week Chad is off to start on our landscaping so I have modified days to help with that too and as of Friday we are all off for 10 days! Great way to start summer!


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