Weeks 27-28

What is Baby K up to? At 28 weeks she is almost 2.5lbs and can be up to 15” long! She is also gaining more fat every day now.

How I am doing? Good. I get anxious when she has a quiet day and then worry but as soon as I get a kick that goes away. The only annoying symptom I really have right now is heartburn. I get it 3-4 evenings a week pretty bad in my back. The other thing I just started experiencing is a sore tummy. By sore I mean it feel bruised almost and just plain uncomfortable some days.

A little about restrictions in pregnancy…

This is only my opinion and I am not wanting to offend anyone here, everyone is different!

Even from before I was pregnant I was shocked at the number of restriction people had for when you are pregnant, while the list could go on forever here are some of the common ones: no caffeine, no lunch meats, no sushi, no soft serve ice cream, only low intensity exercise, no soft cheese, no unwashed vegetables, no airport scanners… and on and on… I am here to tell you that I have broke these all and Baby K is just perfect and I know she will be at birth too and if not, if certainly would not be related to any of the above restrictions I did not follow.

I do not want this to sound like a rant, but I have looked into every restriction I have chosen not to follow to find out the reasoning then make my own educated decision on if I will or will not do it. I eat sushi. I do stay away from most uncooked seafood but there are many types of sushi I can still eat. I eat lunch meat, I have had a Subway obsession this pregnancy and would not give that up. I drink coffee – hello caffeine, drink pop and eat chocolate. Baby K just wiggles more on these days 😉 I eat goat cheese – and have been double asked in restaurants if I really want it – heck yes I love it! Then exercise… I believe a healthy pregnancy includes physical activity – especially if you were physically active before. I do not think pregnancy is the time to start an exercise program though. However, being fairly active the last 5 plus years I knew this was something I would not give up and in the end it would only benefit me and baby. At 28 weeks I still can (kinda) run, I lift weights that are no lighter than before, and I even did the Mud Hero Race (with extreme caution of course). In my first trimester at 5pm I would be so tired and nauseous and yes it would have been easy to lay on my couch but would have it helped me? Nope. However going to the gym did. Never did I feel worse when I left there – 95% of the time I felt better. There are a small amount of people due to medical conditions that may not be able to workout but that is something different. From all my research and reading the benefits are endless to keeping active in pregnancy, this article lists quite a few.

I do not judge anyone that chooses to follow these restrictions, that is their choice just like it is mine not to. Like I said everyone needs to do their own research, not believe everything they hear (or even what a Dr says) and decide for themselves. My Dr. has actually encouraged me to run until the end as long as no symptoms appear. He told me do as you did before just more carefully. I know my Mom never had these restrictions when she had me or my brothers and we are all a-okay – or think we are 😉 I also feel there are way more children with allergies, birth problems etc now – not saying there is a correlation but just putting it out there.

There are things I have 100% avoided in pregnancy – alcohol – though studies are saying some wine might not be bad thing, smoking and certain medications – ie) Motrin. Though I was told by my Dr. that if I was desperate when I was getting bad migraines one will not hurt and probably do me more good than being in pain.

Weight gained: 12.5lbs

Workouts: Again no huge change. I did run for part of the Mud Hero race and had no problems, however I do see a end in sight with running. I might have another couple weeks in me we will see. Cardio on the elliptical, spin bike and walking might be all for the last 10 weeks. I have one more week of prenatal yoga for this session, then start my last session mid September which takes me right to my due date! Crazy.

Movement: Well she loves to kick her Mom, just after 9pm and before 5am. During the day she is usually pretty quiet. We gotta change things Winking smile  A few nights ago she spent over an hour rolling back and forth, pretty crazy to feel now that she is bigger.

Sleep: On holidays I had a couple bad sleeps, then another one our first night back home. But typically sleep is good, 8 hours a night with 2 pee breaks.

Stretch marks? No change here, just the couple I mentioned a few weeks ago. They have always been there just a tad more noticeable.  

Miss Anything?  My pants! haha. I have 3 pairs of maternity ones plus leggings so my options these days are limited.

Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week:  We ran the MudHero race! Baby’s first race Smile


Baby Items Purchased: This is getting hard to remember… a few decor items for the nursery, some clothes for her for when we go to Arizona, a bottle drying rack, plate set, a fleece snowsuit, and the cutest little pink Converse runners.

Nursery Update: The crib is set-up, her bedding is in it, the rug is down, the dresser is slowly coming along, we picked up the rocking chair (from when I was a baby!), bought a side table and lamp and some decor… I am pretty happy with the progress.

Looking Forward To: Working on her nursery more.





8 thoughts on “Weeks 27-28

  1. Alison

    Looking good!! I hear ya on all the restrictions. And I am a lot like you. Take it with a grain of salt. My mom is often baffled by all the things they say you shouldn't have now – even when we were babies tons of women drank when they were pregnant – which I don't agree with – but they did and our generation is just fine! And working out has been a huge plus for me, on days I feel like death – a workout is the only that makes me feel better!!

    1. arunningtale

      Exactly! Yup and they told them not to quit smoking too! Crazy.
      If it was not for working out I would be a lot more cranky many days and think would have many more aches and pains.

  2. Destini

    I really liked this update, I have heard all those restrictions you've listed, and never actually knew the reasoning behind some of them(well except alcohol).

    I am glad you've kept up with exercising, I've only heard good things about that for labour. And the no caffeine thing? I am tired now without being pregnant, can't imagine what I would be like if I was. I only have a cup of coffee a day too.

    Keep doing what you're doing! It clearly is the right thing

    1. arunningtale

      Yeah some are semi crazy in my opinion. I think eating McDonalds is probably worse for baby (and me) than most of the common restrictions! lol
      Yeah – there are days I would never give up coffee! And I drank decaf before!
      Thank you 🙂

  3. thebexfactor

    I can understand the reasoning behind some of the restrictions such as unpasteurized cheeses, etc. with the risk of salmonella. However, what are the chances of actually getting that? Slim to none. That risk is still there regardless if you're pregnant or not.

    I still drank coffee and my child is fine, I mean, he's kind of weird but he comes by that honestly.

    And as you know, I did crossfit up until my due date, I did two obstacle races, I didn't restrict myself fitness wise.

    People see pregnancy as an illness these days and it really bugs me. I hated being treated like I belonged in a bubble. Even today when I heard that Kraze had used a photo from Mud Hero with me in it, I had to go check it out and see what kind of comments popped up. I wish more people would understand that pregnancy isn't a delicate disease .

    1. arunningtale

      That is a great way to put it, I am always being asked "should you do that?". My regular Dr is awesome and told me to keep doing everything I did before, with a few limitations. We even talked about the salmonella thing and just like you said your risk is no more just that now baby could also get it. I think people think you have a higher risk which is not true…
      I saw your photo, I did not read the comments but will check them out now in case 😉

  4. Nicole

    Yah I ignored most of those restrictions after researching them too. I usually only drink a cup of coffee a day anyway. The only ones that I follow are no alcohol (ok maybe a sip late in my pregnancy) and I didn't change the kitty litter (except once or twice when J wasn't around).

    I also think it's interesting that people/kids have far more allergies these days. When I was little no one was allergic to cats, now it seems everyone is!

    Re. movements- they say that our daily activities "rock" babies to sleep in utero which is why they seem less active during the day and move like crazy at night. I remember A being like that and while I loved it it was annoying when trying to sleep!!

    1. arunningtale

      Same as me, not that I changed her litter anyways 😉 Lol. Chad somehow got the job 6 years ago…
      I know, it cannot be a coincidence in my opinion! A little dirt never hurt anyone is what I want to say to some people.
      Exactly – she is most quiet during and after my workouts for just that reason! Yeah she has been a night owl the last two nights, fun times 🙂 But like you I still love it.


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