Woody’s Marathon – 10km Race Recap

On Sunday I ran my first official 10km race. I have ran 10k fun runs before but never a true, chipped race. I have to say I am kind of in love you guys. It is such a quick and dirty distance. I was able to go into the race with minimal nerves (mostly excitement), and then not be dead tired the rest of the day! Because I run a longer run of 10km or close to it weekly it did not require extra training really. I see a couple more 10km races coming my way this summer…

race bib

Race morning was a little chilly so I opted for some layers. Usually with running less is more for me but seeing as it was only 10km I went with more. I wore Fabletics capris (best running capris ever!), a Lululemon tank and pullover – the temperature was about a degree out. I also had a playlist ready which got me motivated since I never run to music anymore.

I placed myself in the first quarter so avoid getting held up too much and before I knew it it was go time! Side note – I start every race to Poker Face by Lady Gaga. I had my Garmin on and planned to use it to watch pace but quickly realized it would be better to just run and give it my all so I pulled my sleeve over my Garmin and never looked at it again.

This is the ONLY photo from all the race photo of myself so while it is horrible I am still sharing…

EDIT: I found another photo this morning!!

Woody's RV-Train Bridge-9

The first 2km were chilly and my hands were cold but then I warmed up and the rest of the race was a perfect temperature. I have this thing where I really zone out in races, I cannot tell you much about where I ran etc. There were at least two larger hills, one near the end which is always killer. The course is beautiful and goes along much of our river and through the trail system. I was running alone most of the time which was nice but had someone in sight all the time. There was a .5km or so when we merged with the half marathon peeps and I spent that time dodging a lot of people!

Now back to that killer hill that is the last km of the race. It is hard mentally and physically so pretty much everyone struggles up it. I told myself that I could not stop running but could slow down…and then my friend spotted me and ran right up to me and told me to keep going and ran up the hill with me. At the top I thought I might be sick but was so thankful for his extra push (he finished 3rd in the entire 10km!). The next thing I knew I saw the clock at the finish line which was 51 minutes – I had no clue of my time until then!

I was proud but a tad disappointed since I wanted a sub 50 time but pushed across the line before seeing another friend that was there watching, and then finding Chad and Avery. We stuck around for a bit, watched a few more people finish and grabbed food.

I say I was disappointed and the key word there is WAS. After I realized a couple things, one the course was over 10km putting my pace at 5 mins/km so 50 minutes for 10km versus the chip time of 51.27 minutes. The other thing? The hills. I think I ignored the fact that this course is very hilly and for flat so that I would not get hung up on that beforehand. Though they also do not make it easy to set a wicked PR. Saying that I am pretty proud of my time and am now ready to crush another 10km race or two this summer.


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