Workout Wednesday

I wonder how many more weekly workout posts I will have? I have talked a little about my post baby fitness plans, but being as I have never had a baby before they are fairly loose.

Right now I know I am giving my body at least 6 weeks off to heal. My plan is start up a workout routine in the new year if all is a-okay to do so. I am hoping that plan includes half marathon training for May. Between when Baby K makes her appearance and the new year I will take it day by day, maybe there will be some walks in there and light weights but maybe not. Like I said I have no idea what to expect and therefore little expectations.

With my extra time this week I am doing smaller, easier workouts each day.

Sunday – 30 minute treadmill walk. Chest & Triceps – same as usual.

Monday – 3km treadmill walk (just over 30 mins) – to change things up I simply increase the incline every 5 minutes, then back to zero incline for the cool down. Biceps and Shoulders.

Tuesday – 3km treadmill walk – kept it easier at walked between 3-3.4mph. Upper back, 2 sets of 12 of: Dumbbell Shoulder Shrug (10lbs), Fireman Row (10lbs), in between each exercise I did cat-cow stretches which feels awesome on my (poor) back these days.

Wednesday – 75 minutes prenatal yoga class.

Thursday – 30 minutes treadmill walk and the “Perfect Prenatal Circuit Workout” from Fit Pregnancy

Friday – 3km treadmill walk with incline climb and legs day.

Saturday – Rest day.

Plans for today include:

– Cleaning out my kitchen cupboards

– Taking clothes to Plato’s Closet

– Taking my brother to school

– Stopping by my work – to kill time since my brother’s class is only an hour

– Making a freezer meal

– If time – making lactation cookies (source), working on design stuff for a friend’s baby shower and web stuff for my Mom.

Enjoy your Wednesday!


Random questions today: What is your favorite type of cookie? Would you choose cake, a cookie or pie if you had to choose one?

Plain old chocolate chip cookies are my favourite and I would choose cookies for sure. Not a cake or a pie fan.

10 thoughts on “Workout Wednesday

  1. Alison

    Sounds like a busy day! Good work on the workouts!! Keep it up, I know they helped me feel better and I worked out the day before Delainey was born! 🙂

  2. thebexfactor

    Awesome job with the workouts. Man I wish I could find the time to work out more right now.

    I think I would have to choose chocolate chip cookies. I'm not really a cake fan unless it's something like rhubarb cake

    1. arunningtale

      It is weird having the extra time to workout and not be stressed about it. When I was marathon training 6 days a week almost killed me. It was obviously way more intense but I will never do 6 days a week again when I am training.

  3. Nicole

    Great job on the workouts. I'm getting lots of ideas so thanks!

    Good idea to go in with low expectations. You might end up with a great sleeper and have the energy to workout sooner or you could be dead exhausted and need to use those nap breaks to nap yourself! Physically I felt fine to workout at 3 weeks PP but I was far too exhausted so I held off until 6 weeks when sleep got a bit better and I wasn't a total zombie!

    We did go on lots of walks though- just bundled baby up to protect her from the wind and cold.

    1. arunningtale

      Good! I really like fit pregnancy online, lots of ideas. Sometimes I end up changing them a bit but its a good starting point.
      Exactly and with Christmas etc it can be a crazy time as it is. So until the new year I have little expectations, then after that I just hope she cooperates. I really want to run a half in May but am not trying to PR it or anything.


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