Growing up I was not a athletic child, I was a klutz and preferred to stay away from sports in general. High School gym class was my nemesis.

But after High School I found out that not only was being active really important to my health but that I enjoyed it. For the next 5 years I had a semi consistent workout plan hitting the gym when I could.

It was in 2008 after I got engaged I decided to get more serious about my workouts. I developed a love for running, stood up to my fear of weights and started to really love working out in all ways.

Today, I am learning that like everything else being active is great for you in moderation and its all about balance. Check out some of the workouts and plans I have developed for myself.

In June 2012 I wrote a running and fitness bucket list, that I am going to work my way through. Crossed off items have been completed.

Run a Color Me Rad race

– Run the NYC Marathon

– Run a marathon (half or full) along the ocean

– Run a Rock n’ Roll Marathon

– Get the following PR’s: 10km – 45 minutes, half marathon – 1:40, full marathon – 3:40

– Run another Disney race

– Run a relay type race

– Hold a plank for 5 minutes

– Learn to do a chin-up

– Do 20 push-ups in a row (not girly ones!)

– Golf 9 holes with a score under 50

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